About Me

Meet Dr Ben

Unveiling a world where true health is more than just a fleeting aspiration, Dr. Ben emerges as a beacon of knowledge, experience, and transformation. With a resolute dedication to unraveling the secrets of optimal well-being, Dr. Ben’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of unwavering commitment.


From his early years, Dr. Ben’s unquenchable curiosity ignited a passion for health that has since blossomed into a remarkable career. As a distinguished doctor, esteemed professor at two prestigious graduate universities, and a prolific scientific researcher in the realm of health and diet, his expertise is the foundation upon which countless lives have been revolutionized.


Dr. Ben’s influence knows no bounds, touching the lives of thousands worldwide. Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands, his physical practices have become hallowed spaces of healing, attracting seekers from far and wide. Beyond geographical confines, his virtual guidance resonates deeply with individuals spanning the United States and beyond, igniting profound transformations through screens and miles.


Frustrated by fleeting solutions and the pervasive reliance on pharmaceuticals and supplements, Dr. Ben embarked on a relentless pursuit of lasting results. His unwavering commitment led to the discovery of a transformative approach rooted in tangible outcomes—empowering his patients to embrace vitality not just for now, but for a lifetime.

“I’m here to help!”

With Love,

Dr Ben


Ironclad Origins

Ironclad Immunity was founded by a team of experienced health coaches who shared a passion for helping people achieve optimal health. With a combined expertise in nutrition, exercise, and meditation, they set out to create a program that would deliver sustainable, long-term results. Today, the Ironclad Immunity team continues to innovate and refine their approach, staying at the forefront of the health and wellness industry.

What My Clients Say

Ironclad Immunity transformed my health and gave me more energy than I ever thought possible.

John Doe

Thanks to Ironclad Immunity, I was able to reverse my Diabetes and finally feel in control of my health.

Jenna Smith

The combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology in Ironclad Immunity’s program is truly unique and effective.

Samuel Stevens