The first Ironclad lesson is the Ironclad Timeline.

It teaches a very essential concept in Ironclad, one that is woven through the entire Gauntlet, and becomes a central concept.

There is only one eternal moment that moves through time.  And in those moments, we make choices.

These choices have ripple effects into our future.

In the present moment we make a choice… what to think.

What we think becomes our bodies, literally, since everything we consume: eat or drink, will literally be used to form our cells.

In this moment, you are making a choice.

To read this, to accept it… to question it, or to cast it aside.

And in a much deeper way, you are making another critical choice:

Who will you become in the future?

Every Ironclad Warrior started as an Ironclad Curious.


The path is the same for all of us. 

We begin as Ironclad Unaware, having no knowledge of Ironclad Immunity and the Ironclad Way.  

If you are reading this, this is a very good chance you are already an Ironclad Curious…

Some of you reading this are nodding your head, as an Ironclad Warrior, because you know and remember being Ironclad Curious.  You remember dealing with your own skepticism.

You remember making THE DECISION to take the Ironclad Breakthrough Call.

You made the appointment and your life changed.

There are two versions of you that extend out from this moment.

One version IS an Ironclad Warrior.  This version is healthy, a master of his or her body.  This version has the body and mind he or she wants.  This version is deeply grateful and tells others about Ironclad Immunity and grows our community in a simple honest organic way.   This version of you avoids so much suffering and lives a long healthy life full of joy.

The other version of you… simply doesn’t change.  You know in your heart where that path will take you.

Who do you want to be?

That is the choice.

All you need to do is hop on a free call with me to start the path to the new you.

The call is free,

We only ask that you come to the time you pick.

We are sacrificing time with others to be with you.

On this call, we will explore your personal health situation,

And give you any advice or other insights we can.

People really love this call because it’s so insightful.

You will learn a lot and feel like it was time well spent!

And for some,

It is the start to the new version of themselves.

Every Ironcladder starts the same.

They clicked the link befow!